Associate Practitioners

Alternative treatments, when used in conjunction with our Brooklyn, NY podiatric services can sometimes be useful to relieve symptoms and facilitate healing of certain common foot problems. Where appropriate, Dr. Breth might recommend adding acupuncture or the Melt Method to your treatment regimen. Here is some information about our associate practitioners:

Zoe Bowick Levine, The Melt Method
Zoe uses foot treatments to help patients suffering with common foot problems such as bunions, neuromas, plantar fasciitis and hammertoes. She teaches you how to tap into the connective tissue system using a therapeutic ball technique. This helps to re-balance structures in the feet and legs, help reduce inflammation, create more space in the joints and more buoyancy in the arches. Sometimes foot pain is caused by imbalances in other parts of the body. Using foam rollers, Zoe helps you address these imbalances which can ease or reduce foot pain and discomfort. Both techniques are meant to be learned and used on your own, to give you more control over your body and diminish pain.

The Thriving Body, 917-309-5969

Lawrence Gamble, Acupuncture
In Chinese medicine, the feet represent the foundation of a house. When the foundation is off it throws the alignment of the body off and other issues can occur. In common foot problems such as neuromas and plantar fasciitis, the pain relief that is achieved through acupuncture may prevent invasive techniques and the need for surgical intervention.

Acupuncture can be used for both pre and post-surgical patients to encourage the circulation of blood and oxygen to the body, which helps to repair tissue, reduce pain and discomfort, and bring back proper function to the feet. It is also useful in treating diabetic ulcers, which can heal faster when circulation is increased to the area.

Joy Acupuncture, 646-296-1765.

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