Brooklyn, NY Podiatrists – Testimonials

At Progressive Podiatry we provide quality foot care, using the latest medical innovations and treat our patients like family. Following are some testimonials for our Brooklyn, NY podiatrists:

“The Greatest!!!
I’ve been going thru hell for years with diabetic ulcers. When I first met Dr. Breth I had an ulcer on each foot. I was embarrassed. Dr. Breth spoke to me and helped me with the process of healing. I always refer people to him because he is honest, cool, and funny. But most importantly, he does his job! When faced with surgery I was nervous but Dr. Breth gave me confidence – he has your back! I’ve had four surgeries and he has taken good care of me each time. Even if I leave this state, I’m coming back just for him…he makes you feel like family – why would I go anywhere else? Trust me, he is heaven sent. When you need a great, no let me rephrase that…if you need an excellent podiatrist Dr. Breth is your man! And I’ll put a stamp on it!!” –Frank Joseph

“Dr. Mullins reminds me of the doctors from my youth. These doctors were very caring professionals. They listened to the patient and did not make you feel like you are on an assembly line. Dr. Mullins takes time to explain things and he makes sure you understand the necessary information regarding your medical condition. I have many challenges with my feet. He is very gentle when I have to undergo a painful procedure. He is very concerned about his patients health as well as their quality of life.

Dr. Mullins is very knowledgeable about his field of medicine. He takes the medical challenges of his patients very seriously. He is a well rounded Doctor and will refer to another specialist if necessary. To be a young doctor he is an old soul. I am so glad he is my physician!” –Lois Sumner

“I have been a patient of Dr. Breth’s for four or five years. I have found Dr. Breth to be always kind and helpful. His office and secretary are very pleasant and cheerful. I recommend his services to anyone in need.” –Mary Clarke

“I have known Dr. Breth for many years. He is a very good doctor. He is very patient and he listens very carefully. He has a good bedside manner. I like Dr. Breth and will continue to be his patient.” –Bertha Daniels

“My time with both Dr. Breth and Dr. Mullins was great. Both doctors treated me very well and like a person. I had a lot going on with my right ankle. They did surgery and got it back to 100%.” –Saquan B.

“My mother has been a patient of Dr. Breth for a number of years now. She loves him. The attention she receives and excellent treatment at Progressive Podiatry with Dr. Breth is awesome. He takes the time to listen to his patients. He’s our family podiatrist!” –Jimmy Garcia

“Dr. Breth has been doing a fine job on my feet for the problem that I have been suffering from for awhile. Dr. Breth took care of me to my satisfaction.” –Abner W.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Breth’s for a year and a half. He has always been attentive, genuine and good spirited. His staff is great and I have sent 2 of my friends to him who are also quite happy with his medical proficiency.” –Ellen Murphy

“The service and hospitality coming into the office is a pleasure, even before seeing Dr. Breth. I have been suffering from infections for years and have been going to another podiatist faithfully for years with no results until I started seeing Dr. Breth…I realized that this could have been cleared up years ago if my other doctor cared as much as Dr. Breth does.” –Dorothy A.

“About 20 years ago, I had an in-patient bunionectomy. It was painful and extremely uncomfortable. Twenty years later I was able to find an excellent Doctor. Doctor Evan Breth examined my bunion (which at this point had been growing and ruining my shoes) and he suggested that it be removed. Although a little uneasy (because of my first bunionectomy) Dr. Breth explained the procedure in detail. Two weeks later I went to Methodist (great care) and had Dr. Breth remove the bunion. Dr. Breth is an excellent surgeon. He is compassionate, kind, informative and made me very comfortable. After the surgery, I experienced no pain! This doctor is absolutely great and I would recommend him highly to anyone with foot problems. He has the expertise, concern and compassion one needs to be a great Doctor.” –Maureen Scaramell, Brooklyn, New York

“The services at Progressive Podiatry are very good. They don’t keep you waiting. We need more doctors like Dr. Breth.” –Charles Allen

“Dr. Breth has been my podiatrist for about five years. My first visit was to his Bensonhurst location on 18 Avenue. I knew from the first visit that I had chosen the right doctor. His professionalism and his warm personality made me feel comfortable about asking him questions in the examination room.

I had three ambulatory surgeries with Dr. Breth at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. Those surgeries occurred in a five year time span and were on three different areas of my foot. The most recent one was in December 2010. There were no problems or complaints with the surgeries.

His choice of Methodist Hospital for performing surgeries is very convenient, especially for residents of Brooklyn; I can hop on the F train and walk to the hospital from the station for admission in the morning. The hospital is clean, modern and fully staffed.

This site is fully equipped with in-house X-ray and ultrasound equipment. This means patients do not have to wait for a diagnosis. Dr. Breth was able to diagnose my condition and discuss treatment in one visit.

Because visiting the Park Slope practice saved me so much time, I will visit that office from now on.
Because of the positive experiences I had with Dr. Breth, I am more than happy to recommend him to others. If you are currently having any issues with your feet, do not hesitate to see him.” –Wasana

“What can I say? I LOVE my million dollar feet!! I highly recommend seeing Dr. Breth any issues you may have with your feet. I had bunion removal on both feet and immediately noticed change on the appearance. My calluses have gone away and the arch on my feet is more defined since the bunion removal. Dr. Breth runs a great staff and has excellent bedside manner. He listens to all your questions and answers them with professional manner.

Thanks Dr. Breth!!”
Natasha Faublas

By the way, while recuperating, Natasha used her design skills to make her surgical shoes and cam walker more attractive – take a look: Natasha 1 Natasha 2 Natasha 3

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